About Bainuna Systems

With over 15 years of experience pioneering city-wide network solutions for Smart City and Automated Metering Infrastructure, Bainuna Systems is the ideal company to guide you through this complex technology maze. New technologies have finally emerged that can truly deliver IoT-optimised, affordable connectivity to support the multiple smart applications that every utility or city needs to improve service and quality of life.

The most challenging component of such networks has always been providing “last mile” connectivity for multiple types of devices over a common infrastructure. Electric, water and gas meters, for example have different power requirements (gas and water meters have to be battery-powered), and have hitherto required different network solutions. But a new wireless standard has emerged, LoRaWAN, that combines the reach, low power, and cost requirements to support AMI for all type of meter over a single network.

Bainuna Systems understands how to integrate LoRaWAN into the multi-tiered network infrastructure required for IoT, and how it can be leveraged to cover all the use cases for each application. Let Bainuna systems be your LoraWAN technology partner for your AMI or Smart City project.

At Bainuna Systems, we are dedicated to revolutionizing the energy industry through our cutting-edge Smart Grid and LoRa WAN AMI solutions. With a team of experts and a passion for innovation, we strive to empower utilities and energy providers to optimize their energy networks, reduce costs, and enhance sustainability. Our mission is to create a smarter and more efficient energy ecosystem for a better future.


We are committed to continuous innovation, developing cutting-edge solutions that drive the advancement of smart grid and LoRa WAN AMI technologies.


We prioritize reliability in all our products and services, ensuring that our smart grid and LoRa WAN AMI solutions deliver consistent and dependable performance.


We are dedicated to promoting sustainability in the energy sector, offering eco-friendly solutions that optimize energy usage and reduce environmental impact.

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